Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sneaker Style

I'm not a sneakers type of girl.  I think the last pair of tennis shoes I wore were my beloved Asics for high school cheerleading (that wasn't exactly yesterday, my friends).  However, one thing about me is I have always been drawn to mixed element dressing just as I have been drawn to mixed element interiors.  Pairing a fitted pea coat with Chuck Taylors and a Missoni scarf?  Um, yes please!  It's the unexpected that draws my attention, as well as the "I could care less what you think" vibe it sends:

I think we are becoming more and more comfortable with breaking the fashion rules of yesteryear and questioning long-held fashion beliefs, such as- Why can't I pair tennis shoes with leather pants?  Who says I have to wear killer heels to look put together? 

Although I haven't completely embraced the high top sneaker trend as seen in this last picture, I dig the girls who can rock it.

I'm curious to know- what are your thoughts on sneaker style?

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