Friday, January 18, 2013

The View Through My Lens 15 + Worthy Links

I was looking through Kelly Wearster's new coffee table book, Rhapsody, the other day and read that she takes hundreds of photos a week of objects and furniture she finds during her curating process for a client.  They act like visual index cards.  I find it endearing that a multi-million dollar decorator still goes out in the field to get inspired.  It's very authentic. I believe it is so important to get out from behind our computers and go out in to the world to get creatively refreshed.  For me, the process of searching antique stores, showrooms, and furniture boutiques for just the right thing is so fun.  Here's some of my recent finds...

Python wallpaper, anyone?

If this piece of art was anywhere near my price range, it would've come home with me...

Loved this Swedish settee...

Lastly, I have begun working on my home office now that I decided on my desk!  I am probably the most decisive person you will meet.  I said I needed a desk on Tuesday, and as of today I have one!  Throughout the month of February, I will be sharing weekly updates as I transform this space from what it looks like now to what I hope it will become:

Worthy Links:

-So excited to hear that Sarah of Chevron & Stripes will be interning with Bunny Williams.  What a dream!  I can't wait to read about the experience.

-Can't get enough of Bradley's home tour on The Glitter Guide.  Seriously chic.

-Loving this Madewell outfit post from Karla's Closet.  Karla has a unique look that is very 50s pin-up.

-Hampton Hostess made me drool with several vintage Studio 54 images and memorabilia that will be auctioned off in Palm Beach this weekend.    I have always wished I could have experienced the club when it was in it's heyday in the 70s.

Have a fab weekend!!  XO, Sam


  1. I love the painting in your office! Its huge and fabulous! Can't wait for more updates. I loved that bit about Kelly in her book too, I also think its smart that she first photographs the stores card, and then the items she likes in it, so its easy to remember what comes from where.

  2. Love those bookends!! So fabulous! where are they from? To die for! LOOOVE your zebra rug...stunning...can't wait to see how you bring it all together.

  3. fine!!

    new post


  4. So excited to see how your space comes together. Those book ends?! OMG amazing.

  5. I couldn't agree more about getting out and finding new inspiration. Love the shock of pink in those bookends. Can't wait to see how your office evolves. Sounds like you are already having a lot of fun with that project!

  6. Totally agree, it is so important for us to get out there to see and touch! We can't get all of our inspiration from online sources. Great photos and picks, I'm inspired just looking at these.

    Can't wait to see how your office comes along!

  7. Can't wait to see how it all turns out (I hope that rug is staying!)

  8. I love those bookends + the idea of photographing inspiring things! Happy weekend!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  9. Gosh, everything is so pretty! Love those bookends. Loving Bradley's home on GG! Happy Friday! xo

  10. So much pretty in one post!! I was thrilled for Sarah and couldn't get enough of Bradley's home tour either! xoxo

  11. Amethyst bookends are a must for every home. They are so beautiful and each pair will be unique and slightly different. It's a mini bonus that they are pink ;)

    Check out my musings about all things random

  12. The sofa is the queen of all these gorgeous stuffs, where did you find it? The mirror complements to how royal the sofa is, just stunning.


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