Friday, February 22, 2013

Design Crush: Neon Signs

Funny story- a few weeks ago my sweet, innocent mother and I were at an antique market.  We came across a booth with a neon sign in it that said, "GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!" My mom, without any hesitation, says, "How cute would that be in a baby girl's nursery?!"  I just looked at her in shock as I realized she had no idea that used to be the sign for a gentleman's club. For the rest of the day I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of the sign hanging above a newborn's crib.

Although I couldn't think of a reason to buy that sign, I have come across a few interiors that utilized neon signs and made me want to try it in my own house.  Mixing it in with fine art creates a funny, playful juxtaposition:

If I were going to purchase a neon sign for my current bachelorette pad, I'd have to go for some lips:

Or maybe this one would be more appropriate...?

I don't think neon signs are just for bachelor pads and man caves anymore- as long as it isn't a Budweiser or Hooters sign- in that case, it should definitely stay in the man cave.

{You can purchase your own custom neon sign here.}

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