Saturday, February 9, 2013

French Antique Wedding Armoire For Sale!!

Happy Saturday!  Today I wanted to share a special antique piece that one of my clients here in Houston is selling.  It is an antique French triple armoire with intricately carved detailing:

Antique wedding armoires like this one were hand-carved by a daughter's father, given at a young age and filled with linens and clothes (a trousseau) to move with her once she had wed.  The father that made this must have loved his daughter greatly, because the carvings are absolutely top notch.  Notice the birds, the flowers, and the vines decorating this extraordinary armoire.  Picture in your mind, one man (a father) hand-carving and building an armoire like this from scratch- with NO power tools nor electricity whatsoever.  This is an excellent example of old-world craftsmanship at its absolute finest:

I love French furniture so much because it comprises both the most sophisticated furniture made in Paris for the king and his court on the one hand, and French provincial furniture made in the provincial cities and towns many of which, like Lyon and Liège, retained cultural identities distinct from the metropolis. There was also a conservative artisanal rural tradition of French country furniture which remained unbroken until the advent of the railroads in the mid-nineteenth century.  This side of the armoire represents the groom, with the hunting tools:

The middle portion represents their union in marriage with the wedding doves:

And the left side represents the bride, with the fruit gathering basket:

 Despite its beauty, my clients are currently in a townhome with limited space, and the piece is much too large.  The antique was originally purchased for ~$25,000, but is now being offered for a "buy it now" price of $4,000, and starting bids on eBay are at $2,500.
Due to the size, this piece is only offered for buyers who could pick it up in Houston.  Please visit the eBay listing to make a bid or to purchase this one-of-a-kind piece!


  1. Wow! The detail is stunning. You can really tell that so much love has gone into this piece!

  2. That's amazing looking! It would be difficult for me to part with a piece of furniture such as that one.

  3. This would go perfect in my new living room! It's so fabulous!
    Too bad I live so far away :(

  4. Awesome! post regarding sale on french antique wedding armoire decorated with the birds, the flowers, and the vines most sophisticated furniture made in Paris and it looks pretty beautiful with this features and i love to buy one with such features. Thanks for the wonderful information.

    Thanks & Ragards,
    Antique Furniture


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