Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The One Room Challenge: Week 3

It's week 3 of The One Room Challenge and I am surprisingly ahead of schedule!
I cannot believe it.  Somehow I have found a happy balance with the big pieces in the room rather quickly.

As I shared last week, I purchased a distressed zinc desk because I really wanted to add an industrial feel to the space.  While the desk is pretty, it doesn't have any built-in storage- something I definitely need.  I decided to move the guest room console in to my office to serve as storage, at least for now- sorry guests!  It fits my printer/fax (yes- many vendors still require faxed invoices rather than emailed invoices- ummmmm, is it still 1980?) and a few fabric baskets.  The canvas above the console will be hung this week (a piece I found at Memorial Antiques and Interiors):

Although it looks very basic/clean now, I want to go a little crazy with accessories.  I want it to be a happy mess.  Something like this on the back console:

And something like this on my actual desk:

This image is my all-time favorite office.  The pagoda lamps, lacquered tray, touches of pink and JFK picture (wasn't he the hottest President ever?) make it delicious.  
I tend to be very OCD and freakishly organized (I have a "pretty organization" tab on my blog- come on!) so I think emulating a collected, stacked look will be a good exercise for me. 

Since I'm not making any structural changes to the room, this is really more of a "decorating" project than a "design" one for me.  Since I am ahead of schedule I am contemplating potential ways to up the ante.  Wallpaper? Change the paint color?  Add drapery? Hmmmmm....  let's hope I don't get too carried away here.  
I hope you like it so far! 

Go see how the other fabulous ORC bloggers are doing....

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