Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Color-Coded Bookshelf

Hello, hello!  We made it to Wednesday, my loves.  And somewhat unscathed, perhaps?  Fun fact about me- I am in court this morning trying to get out of a traffic ticket!  The police officer said to me, "Since you have been so nice, I'm giving you this ticket, but appear in court on X date and I will tell the judge to dismiss it."  How about that?!  I was so thankful. Let's just hope the cop shows up!  Ok enough about my traffic tendencies, let's move on to brighter things.  Like a color-coded bookshelf.  I. Need. One.  In fact, I will be vulnerable with you and tell you I have written it down on my "bucket list" to one day have a beautiful built-in full of books organized in every color.

It must take a long time to collect enough books, don't you think?  What if you want this look right now?  Fret not!  I have a solution.  Strand sells color-coded books by the foot to decorate your shelf.  Brilliant idea, no?  
Send me good thoughts today and prayers to the traffic gods that I get out of my ticket!
XOXO, Sam 


  1. Books by the foot...what a neat concept! Good luck with your traffic ticket girly xo

  2. How's a girl supposed to say "no" to this goodness?!?! Yummm! Fingers crossed you get out of that ticket! xo

  3. This is a decorator's idea, not a reader's idea. If you actually want to READ the books, grouping them by color means that subjects will be scattered willy-nilly throughout the shelves. How will you ever find anything?

    It's up there with the completely white libraries I've seen, where all the books are covered with white paper or (even worse) tied up into bundles.

    Pretty, but not functional.

  4. oopps goodluck with your ticket!!

    i love the coloured bookcase!! I have been collecting books for sometime but i think because of the genres i read i seem to have alot of black,pink & white books so going to have to branch out if i want a lovely rainbow one!!

  5. I love this idea--it looks so beautiful but in practice its so hard to achieve. I seem to have lots of white and black books but very little color--would love to get some blue and orange!

  6. I have always loved this look. I recently did it in my husband's office, but it certainly doesn't look as cool as these images!

  7. This gives me the idea to bind my very own books--that way I could color coordinate them (or decorate them however--I really enjoy the rustic look in the older leather-bound books) as well as organize them for use. I want my library functional and decorative at the same time. Very avid reader.

    After some research, binding books isn't a hard process at all. Now just to get creative!


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