Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Color-Coded Bookshelf

Hello, hello!  We made it to Wednesday, my loves.  And somewhat unscathed, perhaps?  Fun fact about me- I am in court this morning trying to get out of a traffic ticket!  The police officer said to me, "Since you have been so nice, I'm giving you this ticket, but appear in court on X date and I will tell the judge to dismiss it."  How about that?!  I was so thankful. Let's just hope the cop shows up!  Ok enough about my traffic tendencies, let's move on to brighter things.  Like a color-coded bookshelf.  I. Need. One.  In fact, I will be vulnerable with you and tell you I have written it down on my "bucket list" to one day have a beautiful built-in full of books organized in every color.

It must take a long time to collect enough books, don't you think?  What if you want this look right now?  Fret not!  I have a solution.  Strand sells color-coded books by the foot to decorate your shelf.  Brilliant idea, no?  
Send me good thoughts today and prayers to the traffic gods that I get out of my ticket!
XOXO, Sam 
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