Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Design Diaries: Marie Flanigan Interiors

I am excited to bring you another fabulous Houston-based design firm today for the 5th installment of the Design DiariesMarie Flanigan Interiors is a full-service residential interior design firm that takes on projects in Texas and across the country. They have garnered recognition from Luxe Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, Houston House & Home Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, and Elle Décor for their classic and timeless design palette.  Marie herself was featured this year as a "Top 30 Under 30" award recipient.    Although the awards list seems to be endless, their softly chic portfolio speaks for itself:
What are 5 words to describe your style?
Clean, fresh, tailored, classic, sophisticated.

How would you define your firm’s aesthetic?
Beauty through simplicity. We design spaces that feel layered over time, carefully curated, and effortlessly elegant.
What does your typical day look like?
We kick off most days with a team meeting to discuss ongoing projects. That is followed by design time and then on-site meetings and/or personal shopping with clients in the afternoon. On average, there are two to three installation days per month and those are massive productions! Our design team is present for the entire process, ensuring that all furnishings and accessories are positioned as planned, and we end the day with our very favorite moment, the grand unveiling!
How did you decide you wanted to become an interior designer? When did you decide to start your own firm?
My first love was architecture. I attended Texas A&M University where I learned so much about the structure, form, and function of construction. Following my time there, I worked for a few architecture firms, one of which had an interior design department. I discovered that interior design allowed me to work directly with clients in their homes and around the charming city of Houston. I fell in love! I received my MBA from University of Houston and knew I had to combine my newfound love for small business with interior design. I founded Marie Flanigan Interiors in 2010 and it has been such an exciting journey!
What is your favorite part of your job, and what do you feel is the least glamorous?
 The most rewarding aspect of our job is bringing beauty into the homes and lives of our clients. We directly contribute to a client’s quality of life by enhancing the environment that surrounds them, which is extremely inspirational!
Carting heavy furniture and accessories around during busy installs may be the least glamorous aspect of this profession. With that being said, with beauty there is always a touch of pain! ;) We like to get our hands dirty though, so every member of the team is ready and willing to jump in and do what needs to be done to complete a project.
What is the best piece of advice you have gotten regarding your career?
One of my greatest business mentors once said, “Whoever renders service to many, puts himself in line for greatness.” This adage serves as a constant guide in my professional life. My goal at Marie Flanigan Interiors is to offer our clients exceptional value by delivering timely and superior service that surpasses any and all expectations.  
Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
Do what you love and never be afraid to dream BIG. Set strong goals, write those goals down, and be sure that every step you take is a step closer to realizing them.
What are 3 items currently on your “bucket list” (i.e. skydiving, a trip to Rome, learn another language, etc.)?
1.      World travel.
2.      Write a book.
3.      Learn to sail.

Their work is so inspiring- every image is warm and inviting yet clean and tailored.  You can tell the work they do reflects each individual client's personality that they design for. A big "thank you" to Marie and her team for taking the time to let me interview and feature them!  As I learn more about building a small interior design business, I find great inspiration from firms like Marie's that have done so successfully. 

{all images via Marie Flanigan Interiors}


  1. That bathroom is perfection/heaven! The kitchen is beyond. Love her work!

    New spring, sunny day paintings sneak peak!

  2. Wow. Such glamorous and sophisticated style!

  3. Love her fresh, clean style! It is always interesting to hear how a designer started, her perspective and work ethic.

  4. Great feature!! Always happy to see local designers featured. They certainly do beautiful work!!

  5. Interior designing can be really fun especially when its your first time doing it. It can be a trial and error process at times but when you get the hang of it it will come naturally

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