Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Albertina Loves: Coral

So happy to be here at The Peak of Tres Chic again! This is Albertina from Mimosa Lane back again for our fifth installment of the "We Love" series where Sam and I swap posts for the day.  Today Sam and I are focusing on CORAL for you and your home-  It's warm and summery.  There are so many beautiful coral items out there it was difficult to chose!

When I think of the color coral I think of the beach and warm summery evenings.  It is also supposed to spark creativity (hmmm...maybe I should incorporate more coral in my office!).  For the home I think some pops of coral will do the trick with pillows and maybe an accent table or extra seating like this ottoman.

This cute outfit is all about the coral skirt.  The skirt doesn't need much else as it is the star of the ensemble.  But I did think a great statement ring and some cute and comfortable shoes could pull the outfit together. 

Do you like Coral?  Or is it too much? Come visit me at Mimosa Lane so see what photos white are inspiring Sam.

{ you ||  white shirt , ring, skirt, shoes }


  1. I am obsessed with those pillows. All of them! Pillows are one of my favorite accents in a room, especially when your house isn't overly big to begin with :) Pillows add the perfect personal touch. Coral is one of my favorite colors!!


  2. Oooh, yes!! Yes to everything! I love me some coral! And I could seriously use that little trifecta of pillows!

  3. Love the lace skirts!! So feminine and pretty! Teal is the perfect contrasting color:)

    Cute picks Albertina!


  4. Love that coral skirt. Dying for it. Where oh where can I find it?!?!?!

  5. nice pics;DD

    new post


  6. I LOOOOVE coral. I'm actually in the need of opinions on coral pillows on my blog today!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  7. that coral lace skirt is so pretty. such a great color.


  8. Coral is one of my favorites...it goes with so many different colors and is perfect for summer! Love the pouf and pillows!

  9. I'm obsessed with coral. I love this post! Where can I find the 1st skirt? I don't see a link for it.

  10. I love coral! My best friend is getting married this summer and it's one of her wedding colors!

  11. It's just that one color that screams "color!" Beautiful inspiration!

  12. These picks are beautiful Albertina!

  13. I love coral...that skirt is gorgeous!

    XO Lily

  14. Love coral and pink of course! This pink pouf would be perfect in my little home!!!

  15. I love all of this, Albertina! Coral is so feminine and fresh, I'm loving it lately!


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