Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dreamy Dining Rooms

Sam and I have begun house hunting for a place to call our own.  We are really only testing the waters at this point, but I (of course) am particularly excited because it means a fresh palette to design with.  Although I would prefer a smaller floor plan well within our budget so that we can have a more liberal approach to furnishings, I am adamant we find a home with a dining room.  Many houses built these days aren't including a separate dining room because they just aren't practical in everyday life.  How many times a year do you actually sit down and eat there?  Still, I have always longed for a glamorous dining room with a statement chandelier, gold touches, and chinoiserie wallpaper.  Something beautiful but livable, too.

{Trad Home}

What do you think- Is the dining room a forgotten art?  Or are there any traditionalists out there who, like me, want to resurrect it's importance simply for the aesthetic appeal?
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