Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Sunburst Mirror

Hello, hello! I just want to say I am BLOWN AWAY by your kindness and love!  Thank you all for the well wishes yesterday.  I have cherished every comment, tweet, text, call, etc since announcing the news on Sunday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And I promise you this will not turn in to a wedding blog.  I'm sure I'll want to share a few details here and there, but we'll mostly stick to the usuals- design and fashion!

  Today I want to talk about a design trend that has stuck around for awhile, much to my delight- the sunburst mirror.  Whether placed above a headboard, an entryway console, or as an accent piece within a gallery wall, it always manages to add the perfect touch of luxe:

All you history buffs out there may be interested to know that sunburst mirrors date back to King Louis XIV, also known as "The Sun King."  As the story goes, he used to stare in to his sunburst mirror each morning to see his face in the center of the sun's rays.  Oh, the vanity!
This decorative mirror saw a resurgence in popularity during the mid twentieth century, and in the last few years they are everywhere!

Although I love it in gold, I've seen more natural versions made of wood.  I also love this white version, placed on top of a mantel mirror:

So what's your take?  Do you find it timeless, or trendy?

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