Thursday, May 30, 2013

The View Through My Lens: 18

I have lots to catch you up on, so I felt the best way to do so would be through a photo update.  First up, POTC sponsor, Cakewalk Style Shop, had a fab blogger party a few weeks ago to show off their newly-designed space.  Munger Interiors, one of my favorite Houston-based design firms, designed their offices and shop space.  I couldn't get over the metallic wallpapered CEILING.  Such a cool idea!

As I like to do when I have a free moment, I played shop girl and visited my favorite home decor stores.  First up, Found for the Home.  How delicious is this 18th century French settee?

And at another favorite, Kuhl-Linscomb, I spotted a pair of these upholstered zebra chairs.  Conveniently located next to the wedding registry area.  Can I register for these, or would it be in bad taste?!  ;)

And speaking of weddings... we found a venue! The location has 35 peacocks roaming the grounds.   How pretty is this white one?

Since quitting Cross Fit (it was too hard on my wrist, which I've had trouble with for years) I have picked up spinning.  I go to a gym where they turn off the lights and only have lanterns/candles lit during the spin class.  It creates such a cool atmosphere!

Yesterday I got to attend a Sherwin Williams paint color class.  We learned about the latest tools, color collections, and faux finishes.  I had a blast picking out a few new samples, too!

Lastly, I'm so excited about my new Lydali clutch.  Have you guys heard of Lydali?  They sell cute jewelry, home accessories, handbags and scarves.  Each product is unique and handmade, and they all have great stories behind them about the artisans that created them.

Isn't the tassel fun?!  If you like this clutch or see something else on the website you love, Lydali has graciously offered to give POTC readers 15% off through June 9 using discount code TRESCHIC15. 

So what have you been up to?  

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  1. a - the venue is gorgeous (congrats!)
    2 - register for the chairs. just do it. if anything they may have a registry completion discount after your wedding and if no one has purchased them for you you may get 10-15% off!
    d - must.get.that.clutch.

  2. Adore your little pouch and that amazing settee love! So proud of you for working out. I am so laze.

  3. That clutch is cute, and I'm totally digging the wallpapered ceiling too!

  4. You've been up to some fun stuff! I would register for the chair as can't be in bad taste because it's the most amazing chair!!! You never know!


  5. Love that clutch- it is so adorable! May have to pick one up for myself!

  6. I used to be obsessed with spin! Such an amazing work out, you have me itching to go back!

  7. I couldn't get thru my day without making my spin class, obsessed!
    And that clutch is absolutely fabulous!

  8. Excuse me, that settee is my dream!!!! xo

  9. Paint class sounds fun! And that zebra chair is phenomenal.

  10. that ceiling is so gorgeous!! and that is the best way to spin - I've done that with my friends at flywheel and it's so nice to be in a dark room with loud music and AC - I still have trouble with it though, I only go like 3x a year because it kills my butt.... well, my lady parts mostly :) ouch.

  11. PEACOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!!!! That is amazing!

  12. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.


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