Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend I flew to Kansas City to spend the weekend with my love, Lindsay, of Sadie + Stella.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me blowing up your feed, so I apologize for that.  Hey, it was my first time to KC and I got a little photo happy. 

First off, we all know this girl has style.  But seeing her house in person was unreal!  So much color, pattern, and throw pillow fun. I arrived on Friday night, so we went out for sushi + drinks to celebrate.  This pic was taken while sipping cocktails at Gram & Dunn:

The next day we (naturally) went furniture and decor shopping.  Our first stop was Nell Hill's.  This store was packed full of amazing finds, and I couldn't get over the prices.  I scooped up this ginger jar for $29:

They had an entire fabric section for upholstery, a pillow area, unique dish ware, bar carts, artwork, consoles, and lots of great chairs!  I was partial to this green Chippendale goodness:

Saturday night we went out for tapas at Bodega and shared a pitcher of white wine sangria. 

Then we headed out to Manifesto, a speakeasy, for more drinks.  If you live in KC, I highly recommend you go.  It was SO fun!  But let me warn you- the process of getting in isn't easy.  We had to text them earlier in the day for a reservation.  They told us to come by whenever we wanted and they would let us in.  FALSE.  At about 10, we went to an inconspicuous alley where a man let us in a back door.  We then had to wait and sip wine at a nearby bar for about an hour.  This allowed plenty of time for us to run in to the Village People and for Mr. Indian to request a photo with Lindsay.  He looks 100% normal, no?

  After a glass or two of wine, the doorman came and got us to take us downstairs to the speakeasy. He then led us into the basement, down a long, dark stairway and through an unfinished corridor lined with bare walls and utility boxes. This gave way to a back room that was lit only with tea candles and 48 seats total (including the bar).

The bartenders were fully in character and the "rules" were written on the menu.  Men could not approach women.  They had to have the bartender send a drink to you, and if you accepted the drink, then they could come talk to you.  The drinks were DELICIOUS.  I had the Cranberry Cobbler:  Ransom Old Tom Gin, Alvear Amontillado Sherry, Lemon, Orange, Cranberry, Honey, and Cinnamon.  It tasted like an authentic piece of cobbler.  Here's a portion of their drink menu:

The weekend ended too soon.  It was so amazing to take a little break from school and work and enjoy some friend time.  Did I mention this was our first time to meet in person? Blogging will make you do crazy things. ;)

Happy Monday!!

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