Monday, July 29, 2013

Designer Crush: Lilly Bunn Weekes

This weekend, while perusing the latest Elle, I was delighted to read about (new to me) interior designer Lilly Bunn Weekes.  Lilly is based out of New York City, has two young daughters, and a thriving design business.  Her aesthetic is colorful yet tailored, with the desire to create "livable" spaces.  In the feature, Lilly and the interviewer talk about the thin line between interior design and fashion.  Personal style has as much to do with one's home as it does in one's closet, Lilly believes, and I'd have to agree.  If you don't know what colors to focus on when designing your home, look inside your closet.  See a lot of blue, gray, or green?  It's probably a safe bet that'd you also like to be surrounded by those colors in your home.   I love all the detailed wallpapers and patterns Lilly uses in her portfolio:

Pretty talented lady, yes?  I find her work just stunning.  The perfect dose of Monday morning inspiration, if you ask me!  

Have a great week, my loves!

{all images via Lilly Bunn Interiors}

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