Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easy Decor Tip: Stack It Up!

It's no secret I love collecting coffee table books.  I have small stacks of them throughout my home, nearly on every surface.  But I've never thought to make a tall stack as a design statement in and of itself.   Looking at these pictures; however, you can see how they do indeed add a quirky, collected feel to a space that is quite charming:

Isn't Katie's pug in her above Instagram picture adorable?  You can see in the background of the pic she has a colorful collection of books stacked up.

Want to try this easy decor idea out in your own space? Here's a small sampling of some of my favorite coffee table books to get you started!


  1. nice pics;DDD

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  2. I do this! I always thought it was a "look" and not just me having too many coffee table books.



  3. Love this! Plus what's the point in putting all your books away where you'll forget you have them? This way you see the books you love everyday and you remember to browse/use them!

  4. I love books! So many great examples of how to use books. I use them a lot for staging--until they get too heavy.

  5. I love my stacks. My hubs has become tolerant ;)

  6. Decor trick? Then my husband is the best decorator in town as his bedside table has looked like that for year!

  7. I love messy stacks...they look so cerebral!

  8. Obsessed with the purple couch in the fourth picture. I adore the pop of color and coupled with the lucite accents its brilliant. It would look so amazing in homes and offices!

    --Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  9. The red accent wall picture is my favorite! Beautiful way to show your love of books@!

  10. I absolutely love the look of a stack of books in a nicely decorated home. It adds a level of character to a space that can't be beat! Even if it's slightly messy. It just adds to the gorgeous mad professor look.

    I also love looking through people book collections. It's like flicking through a friend's music collection. It's tells you so much about them.

    Love the



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