Monday, July 8, 2013

Man Cave Chic

"Man cave chic"- it sounds like an oxymoron, right?!  Actually, I think we aren't giving the gents enough credit.  In my experience, I've found many bachelors and husbands alike to be design-conscious.  They may want a "man cave"- a comfortable place to call their own- but they want it to be stylish, too.  Finding a balance between quirky, conversation pieces and more traditional materials is key.  I love a touch of classic leather upholstery- but it must be on a tailored piece (read:  no la-Z-boy recliners!)

I am working with a 50-something couple on the husband's man cave, and let me say- this isn't going to be your typical masculine space.  How could I create a boring man cave for a man who works for an oil and gas company but wears Vans + Pink Floyd t-shirts on the weekends?! I've had so much fun curating items for the room.  2 of these light-up arrows will be hung:

A vintage Slim Aarons photograph will be making a large (40"x60") debut.  This shot was taken in 1970 at a poolside party in the desert at Edgar Kaufmann's home in Palm Springs:

Here's the man cave chic design board for my client:

At the end of the day, it's all about creating a space that reflects my client's personality.  And I think it does- fun, stylish, and well-traveled.   I'm excited to see it come together!

Did you have a good 4th?  Lindsay was in town and we had a blast.  She left yesterday afternoon and I miss her terribly already!
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