Monday, August 5, 2013

Designer Crush: Windsor Smith

Happy Monday!  Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so!  If not, maybe a little eye candy will get your week started right.  Today's designer crush is Windsor Smith.  Truthfully, though, she's more than just a crush to me- She's my biggest design influence.  Her ability to mix antiques, conversation pieces, and modern elements in to a polished interior is incredible.  This dining space is a perfect example, and probably my favorite room Windsor has done:   

The French settle upholstered in rich velvet mixed with geometric printed pillows flows seamlessly with the chinoserie wallpaper, sisal rug and a classic chandelier. 

This bohemian sitting room is another playful expression of Windsor's ability to mix color and pattern:

I think this is every young girl's dream room.  I love the combination of the balloon shade with the regular panels, but in the same fabric- a very nice detail.  Of course I love the sisal carpet, too!  And what little girl wouldn't love a dress-up rack?

One thing I've noticed in Windsor's work is that there is often unexpected details, like the costume hanging on the wall in this powder bath.  These touches are great conversation starters, and give her rooms a bit of personality. I love that!  

{all images via Windor Smith}


  1. great !!

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  2. So many of these images are in my lust the style!!

  3. LOVING the splashes of color in the last photo. I totes need a piece like these!

  4. Beautiful. So modern and young. Love the matador outfit hanging in the bathroom, fun touch.

  5. beautiful spaces - i love that bedroom!

  6. Love this woman. So friggin talented!! That kitchen is amazing.

  7. Great Decor! The selection of the apt wall paint and the furnishing is enhancing the look of the rooms many folds. Amazing work!


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