Friday, August 16, 2013

The View Through My Lens: 19

It's been a busy few hot summer months here in Houston!  We've been having fun planning the wedding, traveling a bit, and hosting some visitors (like Ms. Sadie + Stella!).  School and design projects are keeping me busy, but I try to take the time to enjoy the little things I see when out and about.  Like some gorgeous roses...

a fab gallery wall at J. Crew...

an antique bust at Jean-Marc Fray in Austin...

a tassel keychain from Biscuit Home...

Neon arrows + enlarged Slim Aarons photo in the latest room I finished for #projectrosecreek... I've been referring to it as a "man cave," but I feel like it's become so much more than that!

staying cool in the Houston heat with strawberry popsicles...

and prepping my #southhamptonnursery project for this subtle yet chic wallcovering from Cole & Son...

How has your summer been?  Are you excited for fall, or not yet ready to toast goodbye to summer?  I'm somewhere in the middle.

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  1. Loving that J. Crew gallery wall and your gorgeous florals!

  2. Love those roses. I'm so ready for's been cooler out but the forecast looks like it's supposed to warm up again and I'm pretty bummed out about it!


  3. Your man cave looks pretty awesome, I would hang out there!

  4. That man cave is looking AWESOME. I'd totally be girl crashing it :D

  5. I love it all!! The man cave is looking so damn fab. I cannot even stand it.

  6. Sam,

    please share the Cole & Sons wallpaper pattern/colorway - it's beautiful.
    Thank you.

  7. So obsessed with your latest from Project Rose Creek, that Slim Aarons picture! Yes!


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