Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Ode to Leontine Linens

Today I decided I would dedicate a post to the source of one of my wildest dreams- to have a bed covered in Leontine Linens.  I love a good monogram, especially on bedding, and Leontine Linens is THE best of the best.  I first discovered the New Orleans-based company when they were featured in Lonny Magazine last year.  Ever since, I've been stalking their website and bedding... just dreaming of the day when I might be able to afford their couture fine linens.  I love how Dallas-based design firm Avrea Wagner paired this bohemian floral fabric with coral linens, featuring Leontine Linen's Gigi Applique Monogram:

Designer Palmer Weiss used the Kinsey Monogram on these pillow shams.  I love the mix of sage green, blue, and pewter here:

How sexy is this room, designed by Suzanne Lovell?  The shams are monogrammed in LL's William style:

Leontine Linens also translates well in a child's space.  Can you imagine the lucky little girl that gets to sleep in this beautiful bedroom?  This hot pink pillow is monogrammed in the Dorea style:

My favorite Leontine monogram styles include the Rayford (for a more modern look):

The Frances monogram with an Arch applique (for a more classic look):

...and how gorgeous does the Frances monogram look on a terry cloth hand towel?!

Maybe from now on I should tell my design clients, "Will work for Leontine Linens."  Aren't their designs delicious?!

P.S.- Have you entered the LoveFeast giveaway posted Monday, worth $175?  It closes this Friday, so be sure and get your entry in! :)

P.P.S.- There are still a few items left in yesterday's "Shop My Closet" post! Be sure and check that out, too!

Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. Absolutely ADORE leontine linens! They truly wash wonderfully and of course have the most amazing monograms.

  2. Such fab spaces and linens, of course! Gorgeous monogramming, too!

  3. Love the unique monogramming! So pretty

  4. pretty !! :-0))

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  5. nice post is really beautiful every body will like the designs.
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  6. I've been coveting these linens forever. SO beautiful!

  7. The entire situation in the top photo is to die for!! Leontine Linens are the best.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to Leontine Linens! They're beautiful! I like that monogrammed sheets and pillows can really tone down an overly-girly bedroom. With a husband to think of, it's nice to see that something as simple as bedsheets can really help balance a room!

  9. These are so classic! I love that there are so many different designs to choose from. Lovely!

  10. It's just a classic look. Love them all!


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