Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Albertina Loves: A Touch of Fur

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So happy to be here at The Peak of Tres Chic again!  This is Albertina from Mimosa Lane, back for our eleventh installment of the "We Love" series where Sam and I swap posts for the day.  Today Sam and I are focusing on adding A Touch of Fur.  Furs add texture to a space and make it more organic. For me, it's the epitome of coziness- a touch of fur is perfect for this time of year for both you and your home. 

I'm in love with Ikea's sheep skins- they look good everywhere and just make whatever seating they rest in so inviting and plush (the price is so convenient too!).  We have one and my daughter loves having breakfast in the chair where we keep it.  Aren't these black and brass chairs divine?  Someone grab them quick! And to kind of mimic this feeling of coziness nothing says fresh and warm like a white fur coat (faux or not) I just want to curl up in a coat like that. And what about this stunning necklace? pretty, pretty.  And the bag is so classic and elegant, which I love.

How do you feel about adding a bit of fur to your home and to your wardrobe? 
Come see what Sam's fur picks are over at Mimosa Lane!


  1. Another one of my favorite rooms Albertina! I loved Jenna Lyon's Brooklyn home. And that outfit you chose if killer!! :)

  2. I love that ring, Albertina! It's so unique. Great find! Those chairs are amazing, too and I love the sheepskin rugs from Ikea. I have their flokati rug. Too bad they stopped selling them.

  3. Right up my alley! thanks for sharing. -- and did you see Erin Gates' post on sheepskin yesterday? It's all over the place right now.

    xo Lily

  4. I love fur...wearing and decorating with! Cute!


  5. I love fur...whether it's in my home or on my body! I just scored a gorgeous cowhide over the weekend for the Mr.'s man room so I am definitely on board!

  6. Beautiful Albertina! Love that necklace. Gorgeous!

  7. I've just left a comment over at Mimosa Lane and thought I would pop over here. What a glamorous selection for the home and wardrobe. I love the yeloow and black combination too.

  8. oh lala, this is so glam! Is that outfit pic of Kate Moss? It's to die for:)

  9. Yes, please! As long as it's faux of course.


What say you? I'm all ears.

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