Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nightly Ritual

I don't like sticking to too many rituals, but my bedtime routine hasn't changed for years.  I light a candle (or two), put on my bedtime playlist, blog, and moisturize.  Of course, cute pajamas play in to the routine.  I manage to find a lot of cute nighties and PJ sets at Anthropologie, but I really adore this J Crew set.  A few years back, my mom bought me a Branche silk pillowcase, and I've been hooked ever since.  Apparently research has shown sleeping on silk is better for your skin and hair and helps prevent wrinkles... which is a perfect excuse to spend $95 for a charmeuse case.

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Cream Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase $95/J Crew Pajama Set $85/Skinceuticals Overnight Moisturizer $61/DVF Memoir $22/Ugg Slipper in Gray $100/

And here are a few tunes that set the mood for my nightly ritual... enjoy!


  1. cute'!! ;0)

    new post


  2. My nightly routine (after getting home from taking care of my elderly mother who has dementia) is to go out to my favourite restaurant/bar and try to meet men who are interested in average-looking, slightly-overweight, 59-year-old women. So far, my routine hasn't been very successful. Most 59-year-old men are interested in sexy, gorgeous, slim, 30-year-old women who don't have to look after their elderly mothers. Maybe I should just stay home and light candles!

  3. What a lovely nightly routine - makes me relaxed and feel cozy just reading about it! I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off before bed, but I'll have to make an effort to infuse a little more relaxation!

    Jenna l Clothed in Confetti

  4. I LOVE this post! You're such a doll. Love you.

  5. umm...you're nightly routine doesn't consist of looking at "epic fail" and texting your friend Grace with the latest???? #fail

  6. Your routine sounds like the perfect end to the day. I need to be better about being consistent. I feel like I go go go all day then crash.


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