Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fireplace Lust

With the temperatures dropping and Christmas quickly approaching, I've been thinking about my favorite holiday traditions. When my brother and I were younger, we would decorate the tree as a family after Thanksgiving dinner while listening to Neil Diamond's Christmas soundtrack (yes... Neil Diamond).  My mom would make homemade hot chocolate and we'd light the fire in our den.  It was such a fun time spent together as a family, and it was always so cozy.  Although I love my home in Houston, the one thing it doesn't have is a fireplace.  And on a day like today when the temperatures are frigid, nothing is more appealing than the idea of spending the day lying by the fire with a good book.  Since that sadly won't be happening, I figured I'd do the next best thing- lust after beautiful fireplaces with you!

This is my idea of the perfectly-decorated Christmas mantle.  A draped garland + a deep red and white floral arrangement gives off the perfect amount of holiday cheer without going overboard.  I also love the antique Louis Phillipe mirror, which adds height to the space.


How cozy does this fire look?!  I love the potted florals on the mantle, as well.

I'm dying over this tiny fireplace.  In fact, the entire vignette makes me weak in the knees.  The classic design combined with the modern screen is an interesting juxtaposition.  I also love the Chippendale-esque chairs and the sconces above. 

Again, I love the idea of decorating your mantle with a simple garland and wreath, like in this living room. It's a festive, chic touch that doesn't feel too "overdone".  And how fun are the yellow suede mid-century club chairs?! 

Christine of Bijou & Boheme added splashes of light pink and gold to her mantle.  Her old living room, shown here, was fabulously feminine.  She and her family have since moved to a new home and created an equally chic space, but I'm still lusting after the effortless prettiness shown here.

Have you gotten to enjoy some time by the fire lately?  What holiday traditions are you most looking forward to?

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