Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feeling the Love

Hiii!  How is the start to your week going?  Yesterday I was in Austin for a wedding meeting with our planner, Jacin of Lovely Little Details, so I apologize for the radio silence.  And this past girls' weekend in Dallas with Lindsay was a success.  All in all, a fab past few days.  I hope to do a full recap soon!  For now, I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

Lately, I've been feeling the love from fellow design and fashion collaborators.  First off, I was asked to be Cakewalk Style Shop's January Influencer.  Cakewalk is an online women's high-end fashion retailer.  They also have a shop here in Houston that is full of beautiful clothes and jewelry.  I was thrilled to go in to the store and be styled by the brand's owners Jennifer and Gina.  They put together the edgy outfit I am wearing in the picture above- Vince black leather shorts and a Joie lace top.  Of course I had to get another snap for instagram (please excuse our messy hotel room):

 As this month's influencer, I did a fun little Q&A post on their blog.  You can go check it out here.

I also had the honor of guest posting over on Designs by Katy yesterday.  Have you checked out Katy's beautiful site yet?  It's quickly becoming a daily read of mine.  Katy asked me to post about what I am currently coveting in terms of decor:

You can go see the full post here for links to each of my covetable finds!  Thanks for letting me pop in for the day, Katy!

I hope you guys have an amazing Tuesday!




  1. Loved your lace top and leather shorts. You look beautiful. Thanks again for the lovely post! I need to order that lamp

  2. LOVE that chic edgy outfit of yours Sam! You rocked it, obviously!

  3. You rocked that outfit!! So chic and edgy and I adore all your decor picks...the mirror!!

  4. Get it girl! Glad things are going so well...looks like fun:) Love the pink boxes!



  5. Love it all!!! You look adorable. Obviously.

  6. Just in case they didn't catch it the "r" in travel is missing from your influencer tagline:( Btw love the lace top!

  7. The lace top is absolutely stunning! It looks amazing on you!

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