Thursday, January 2, 2014

Modern & Sweet Nursery Design

Hello all!  Welcome to 2014!  I love the possibility of a fresh new year, don't you? And, I don't think there's a better way to get it kicked off than with a baby girl nursery design.  I am currently in the process of consulting with a friend on her new home's interiors, and our next task on the list is preparing a nursery for her baby girl, due in 3 short months!  My friend has already purchased a white Jenny Lind crib, so I was naturally inclined to draw inspiration from more modern children's spaces.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide shared her baby daughter Elodie's nursery design a few months ago, and I adore the whimsical gallery wall she created above her crib:

I love that she chose to incorporate a mid-century modern wooden dresser in to the room.  And how adorable are the decorative accessories on top?

Taylor utilizes this ikea cart for Elodie's shoes, clothes, and changing supplies.  It's a perfect idea for extra storage in a small space!

I love that this young girl's room incorporates a Madeline Weinrib rug and a Venetian mirror, creating a chic yet livable design:

Blogger Christine created a cozy, modern space for her son Jasper.  I love the funky sconce lighting and the brass pendant, as well as the sheepskin rug:

I love this quirky, crib-side vignette:

Here is the initial design plan I created for my friend.  The color palette of chartreuse, pink, coral, and white creates a serene, yet sweet, vibe:

I really love the idea of creating draperies with a tassel trim.  And how fun would this Jonathan Adler etagere be for displaying books and toys?!

I can't wait to share the process with you, and the final reveal!  It's going to be a fun project.  Happy Thursday!


  1. That lighting for Jasper's room is great! All of these nurseries are pretty and fun.

  2. I have a weak spot for nurseries, they are so precious.

  3. These are all my favorites as well! Especially Elodie's and Jaspers!

  4. Love your plan and thanks so much for including Jasper's nursery in such gorgeous company!

  5. I absolutely love the ideas so far! (And I'd love that room in grown-up version!)
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  6. Love your picks, I'm sure it will look amazing when your done. That etagere from Jonathan Adler has been on my wish list forever :)

  7. I love it Sam!! This will be a stunner. I love that etagere! and the linens are perfect for a baby girl.

  8. That Jonathan Adler etagere kills me! It's perfect in any space!

  9. Oh my Gosh, Christine's is my all time fav nursery EVAH! I also love that Kate Collins vignette, so chic! Your design is beautiful, what a lucky baby to get a JA etager? Is it bad to be jealous of a featus?

  10. I love that elephant print and think it is so sweet for a nursery. And that kind of origami-folded-map-dress?-- Beautiful!
    Love your design, too! Such great colors for a nursery.


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