Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heidi Bianco's Chic West Village Apartment

When I spotted this stylish studio apartment tour featured on House Beautiful yesterday, I nearly melted.  Heidi Bianco, a NYC resident working as a design assistant for famed design firm Kemble Interiors, has managed to create a haven of chic in her small West Village abode: 

This light-filled corner of Heidi's bedroom features a vintage desk and light blue silk curtains are lined with lime green Greek Key trim. The floors throughout the apartment are covered in Stark's antelope carpet:

four-poster bed, inherited from her great-grandparents, was scored at a Newport, Rhode Island estate sale in the 1960s, and adds character to the space:

The gorgeous living room features a white antique chest that doubles as a bookshelf for design books, magazines and accessories.  Bianco's sofa was originally an outdoor furniture piece, but new upholstery, kick-pleats, and pillows make it feel completely custom. Blue painting leading into the kitchen is by Christian Breshnev and can be bought at Treillage.


And if the small studio apartment wasn't already packed with enough impeccable style, Heidi added this classic Schumacher Zebra wallpaper behind her bar cart:

And how adorable is Heidi posing outside her fab West Village residence?  The girl's got style.  Hey Heidi... if you read this, any chance you'd ever let me crash at your spot the next time I visit New York City?  I'd be perfectly content sleeping on that gorgeous Stark carpet...

Heidi's studio apartment shows us that no matter how small your space is, it is always possible to create a beautiful surrounding that reflects your style. 

  Are you as obsessed as I am?

{See the full feature on House Beautiful here.}


  1. great pics!! ;.>

    new post

  2. The bedroom is so beautiful and relaxing, what with all the lovely blue hues and the picture of the ocean. Also love that amazing couch!

  3. Ok, Schumacher zebra wallpaper AND an antelope rug!? When can I move in!?

  4. I loved this tour as well. Wish we could see more of that kitchen, though!! xo.

  5. Yes. I want to live there. Haha.

  6. oh wow - total yum! and that ceiling skylight thing is so cool for an NYC apt!!!

  7. What a gorgeous space! Want that rug!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  8. Nice photos and really nice to see this kind of blog post. thanks for sharing this one


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