Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Designer Crush: Ruthie Sommers

Today's designer crush needs no introduction.  Ruthie Sommers has been featured in Lonny Mag, House Beautiful, Veranda, and countless other publications, and has captivated the design world with her playful, bold style.  Sommers' work has been relished on design blogs ad nauseum; however, I couldn't resist sharing her work with you.

{Ruthie at home with her dog, Bear}

Ruthie Sommers is an LA-based interior designer and watercolorist who is a master at mixing contrasting elements and styles in the homes she designs.  Her aesthetic is laid-back and chic, whimsical yet elegant.  From the interviews I have read about her and from her personal bio on her website, she seems like an incredibly humble, happy person- the kind of gal you would want to be close friends with!

{Ruthie's daughters stand on an antique settee upholstered in Quadrille's Aga Reverse fabric in their California home}

{You've probably seen this gorgeous glassed powder bath before.  The intricate floors and floral detail on the mirror creates a one-of-a-kind space.}

{So much to love here- the red glossy walls and Stark antelope carpet create a luxurious sitting room}

{This colorful, mod sitting room shows Sommers can do whimsical design just as well as elegant}

Ruthie's personal bio (in her own words) makes me love her all the more.  Here's an excerpt:

Every bio sounds the same to me. Including mine. So here is the deal.

My car is filled with fabric samples, old coffee cups and crumbled up paint chips.  My office is not the beautiful neat organized office you may see on the pages of a magazine. The glossy white walls and perfectly p-touched folders are an illusion. I am proud of the homes I have decorated. I think they look wonderful on my website. But people live in them and there are stains on the ottoman and the peonies only make it to the mantel for the photo shoots and parties. I feel my success comes from something one can not photograph. The most fun I have  aside designing sassy bars and cute powder rooms, is creating livable rooms and becoming part of someone’s family. I watch their purse carefully and in return I gain trust.  And a great house is the outcome.

So . . . I am just a decorator. Big staff, great store or small garage office... I have not changed. I have realized that my goal is not do so many things in this industry that I forget to decorate. I still schlep lampshades in my car and the highlight of my day is going downtown to check on carpentry in an old warehouse. Glamorous this job is not. However, I live and breathe to have a relationship with a home and the people that live in it. My goal is not have people remark at parties that Ruthie designed the most amazing aubergine lacquered room. But it is to hear that they were treated carefully, honestly and creatively. And that . . . is all I need.

Ruthie... can we be best friends?


  1. so cute!! ;-))


  2. WOW! I don't think I've EVER felt a draw to a designer's approach like this! I love her attitude AND her work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. many benefits of visiting this blog post because of the many articles that increase knowledge for me personally, thank you

  4. Such gorgeous design style!

  5. I love Ruthie. Her use of color, and the charts! I'd like to see more of her work published.

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