Thursday, April 3, 2014

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Corniced Shower Curtains

I loooove the look of a structured cornice over window drapery- I always have!  It creates a more finished look and can add interest to the space through it's shape or upholstery.  But lately, I have seen designers take cornices to the next level by utilizing them as shower curtain toppers!  The bathroom can also be a fun place to get a little more funky with the embellishments and design.  For instance, I love the pom pom tassels designer Bailey McCarthy used for this shower/bath:

And how fun is this cornice and curtain combo utilizing a Caitlin Wilson textile?  So glam and feminine!

A cream drapery accented with a tape trim border creates a tailored, chic look:

This design blogger actually created her shower curtain cornice herself!  Talk about an ambitious DIY. The bird fabric on the cornice is originally from a Target shower curtain, if you can believe that.  Click here to view her tutorial.

So what's your take on corniced shower curtains- love it or leave it?

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