Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Fish Indie

It's no secret I love Etsy.  I mean, who doesn't?!  It's a treasure trove of beautiful products and interesting hand-made finds.  That's why I love having Fish Indie as one of my sponsors.   The duo behind Fish Indie created an independent network that helps promote all the fab Etsy shops we love to find.  You may have noticed gorgeous products flashing through the top sidebar ad space each time you load my page.  Well, Fish Indie is doing this to help "cast a net for the independents", and is partnering with bloggers (like me!) to get the word out on products they think my readers will love.  Once an Etsy product is in their system, they determine which blog in their network is the best fit for that specific item. Pretty cool concept, right?!

Here are a few Etsy items I have been loving that I found via Fish Indie...

It has always been my goal (from day 1, really) to make this blog about what I truly love and think you will love.  I never want to feature something I don't believe in or that I wouldn't want to wear or have in my own house.  That's why I am so selective with sponsors, and feel truly good about the concept behind Fish Indie.  

Thanks for being along for the ride!
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