Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Albertina Loves: Summer Florals

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Hi all! This is Albertina from Mimosa Lane back for our biweekly installment of the "We Love" series, where Sam and I swap posts for the day. Today Sam and I are focusing on romantic and happy florals.  With peony season here we just had to do the honor to all those beautiful floral fabrics and prints.  Temperatures are higher and blooms are everywhere so we thought we would bring you some colorful inspiration for you and your home!

For You || Pretty floral pants are fun and different.  And I love them paired with a feminine peplum top.  The cute clutch is only $59 and the cuff is $23 (not bad deals at all!).  These price ranges are just icing on the cake.  And the scalloped flats are just dreamy and exactly what I know can easily become my uniform.  Maybe I would almost sleep in them.

For your Home || There is no easier way to dress up your bed than with such pretty floral pillows.  The peppy yellow lamps are sensational and this rug is perfect as an added floral accent.  Add a cute arrangement of faux flowers and you have yourself the happiest room in the house.

I adore florals and really want to reupholster a little chair in my office with some romantic floral chintz. Do you have any favorite floral prints in your home or your wardrobe?

Come see Sam's picks over at Mimosa Lane.  They are so pretty!


  1. I am loving so many of the floral options that are out right now. Albertina's picks are lovely and I adore her taste! xo Kristin

  2. I am a huge fan of florals right now! I love the idea of a floral headboard or decorative floral pillows on a bed.


  3. I love every single thing you've shown. Good job!!!

  4. Love the colorful florals and we'd take one or two of everything!
    C + C

  5. Love floral outfit and home accessories! Floral pants are on my wishlist and this rug is absolutely gorgeous ♥
    Great picks Albertina ;)

  6. You ladies have the best taste -- love that I discovered Albertina through this series!

    x Lily


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