Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Snake Craze

So, the topic of this post gives me mixed feelings.  I absolutely HATE snakes (like most red-blooded women).  I mean, is there anything creepier than a reptile with no legs, squirming across the ground, able to kill you with it's poison or squeeze you to death?  I think not.  However, I can't help being attracted to snake skin as decor.  There is something fierce and sexy about it:

In addition to the python print we often see in decor, snake skin was trending at the 2014 designer resort runway shows, too!  From kaftans and ballet flats to weekend bags and shift dresses, many designers included snake motifs in their collections.

I think what reenergized my love for this fierce reptile was L'Objet.  One of my favorite home goods websites, L'Objet released several chic items embellished with snakes, like this gorgeous letter tray:

They also released a 24k gold letter opener.  Here's a round-up of my favorite snake and snakeskin accessories:

Shop This Board:

Egyptian Snake Bracelet $150/Park Avenue Python Pillow Cover $163/Melissa Odabash Python Bikini $190/The Case Company Snakeskin iPhone Cover $150/L'Objet Snake Letter Opener in 24 Karat Gold $135/L'Objet Snake Letter Tray $195/Jimmy Choo Fiona Sandals $326/

Like most animal prints, I think python print will never go out of style.  How gorgeous is that Egyptian snake wrap bracelet?!  I'm forcing myself to resist scooping it up (still tryin to hold on to that garage sale money!!)  Are you a fan of snake motifs?


  1. so nice!! = ]


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  2. I am so not a fan of snakes either, but I do love the idea of a tray with the snake pattern on a coffee table!


  3. Not a fan of snakes, but LOVE snakey prints and decor. I think of it like this, "You mess with me Snake, and I'll turn you into a fabulous tray." It's a way to warn them all off ;)

  4. Agreed - not a fan of snakes literally, but a fan of the motif. Loving that phone case and tray.

  5. Ooh, I love that letter tray! I think most of us are on the same page, that, unfortunately we prefer our snakes...dead.

    x Lily

  6. Oh I am with you. We have lots of them in Colorado. My mother in law saw one by the side of our house last summer and now I refuse to go over there. I would definitely take that tray! Great round up

  7. I love love that black and gold tray.....and love a good snake mirror too!

  8. Love all of the trays that you featured! I think lizard or snake can be so sexy, yet classic... say, on a shirt, bikini or bag!!

  9. lol @ red-blooded women. I love snake print and I'm especially loving the tray!

  10. Absolutely love this idea!!! Absolutely perfect for your little guys' room!! The beds are amazing as well.

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