Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Currently Coveting: Palm Leaves

If you know me, you know I'm a summer girl.  Nothing makes me happier than warm weather, long days, and perpetual sundresses.  Typically I travel more during the summer, too, which gets me inspired and impacts my design sensibility.  With my recent trip to Palm Springs, I became infatuated with the happy vibe of California boho permeating from the desert landscape.  We've seen a resurgence of the banana leaf motif in the last couple of years, and I'm completely on board with seeing the palm leaf stick around a while longer...

Shop This Board:

1.) Beverly Print by The Aestate $48/2.) Palm Beach Pillow $65/3.) Joa Palm Shortie $69/4.) Brazilian Palm Tree Prints $2,980/5.) Kenzo Dress $497/6.) Klarita Pom Pom Palm Crop Top $26.98 & Pom Pom Shorts $26.98/7.) Kenzo Palm Print Bikini $150/

There's just something so playful and fun about it, don't you think?  Whether decorating your house with actual palm leaves or sporting a cute palm leaf playsuit, I hope you still love the motif as much as me!


  1. so nice pics!! = ]

    new post


  2. I do love this looks as well!! Especially the Aestate's prints! I have the four of them....

  3. Really liking the Palm Pom shorts and top.

  4. LOVE that Kenzo dress!

    x Lily

  5. Love the little palm shorts. So cute!

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