Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doors that Add Architectural Charm

I'm a big appreciator (is that even a word?) of beautiful doors.  They are so often forgotten that when they are lavished with even a bit of attention, the results can be astonishing.   Take for instance these gorgeous master bedroom paneled doors painted in high gloss black:

Or, this geometric paneled side door.  The design is so unique and creates an element of art by itself.  I love that designer Lucy Williams paired it with a grasscloth wallpaper:

There really is something stunning about a black front door paired with brass hardware.  It creates a regal first impression:

I'll always have a soft spot for steel-cased doors, and I love that in this home the steel continues above to serve as windows.

How stunning is this trellis millwork detail? See- even pocket doors can be architecturally beautiful!

I know you might be thinking... these are gorgeous, but only homeowners building a new home or remodeling a current one have the luxury of customizing doors.  But fear not! Even a fresh coat of paint can turn a drab door in to a more interesting one.  My wedding planner, Jacin Fitzgerald, recently updated the paint color of the exterior of her home and added gorgeous mint doors:



What a makeover!

I'll always fantasize about the type of doors I'd spec for my own dream home one day.   I'm sure they'd include all elements of the gorgeous options above! 

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