Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Frances' Elkins Loop Chair

Frances Elkins was one of the twentieth century's most prominent female designers who rose to fame during the 1930s.  A woman having a thriving, independent career at that time was rare.  However, Elkins and her husband divorced in 1924, leaving her a single mother of 3 with no job.  She turned to design to make a living, and soon became a sought-after designer.  She was one of the very first designers to use antiques and modern pieces together, creating spaces that reflected her client's individual style.  The loop chair, though, was her crowning glory.  She designed it in the 1930s, and yet it looks fresh and modern even to this day:

Like any original piece, the original Frances Elkins Loop chair costs a pretty penny.  However, Charlotte & Ivy sells a reproduction for $559, and it's fab!

Any chairs you are lusting over, lately?
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