Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The View Through My Lens: 24

Happy Tuesday!  How are we doing thus far in the week, my dolls and dames?  I am feelin pretty good about myself because I've made it to Define two consecutive days (woop woop!)  and also managed to get a lot of homework and work done.  My productivity is at an all time high.  However, I have a feeling it might dwindle as the week proceeds, especially since I am visiting my beloved Lindsay (of Sadie + Stella fame) this weekend in Kansas City!  Nonetheless, I'll revel in my current energy and hope that copious amounts of Starbucks and the BPM Sirius station will keep me going.  Here's a look at what else has kept me going lately...

My niece Lily never fails to look absolutely adorable. I got to see her and play with her on a recent trip back home to OKC, and I can't believe how fast she is growing!  Click here to see her cuteness in action!

The Caceres Casa is finally coming together.  This is a shot of the living room, with our new High Fashion Home sofa, pillows, and painting by Houston artist Nedra Hawks.

My #BriargroveBeauty project is going along smoothly, and we just finished installing this David Hicks wallpaper as well as this brass sputnik chandelier in the entryway.  Isn't it fun?! 

I spotted the most gorgeous purple hydrangeas at Whole Foods the other day, and used an antique mercury glass decanter for a vase.  I'm also swooning over AERIN's new candle collection.  I purchased the Jacaranda Wood scent and I am amazed how strong the scent is + how long it burns.  It might be my new favorite candle!

I added a By Luciana print to our bedroom gallery wall in the top left corner.  It says, "Je Vour Aime Mon Cheri," which means "I love you my darling" in French.  Have you checked out Luciana's shop?  It's full of fun prints and tees.

Last April, one of my childhood besties tied the knot to an incredibly great man. They chose to do the ceremony at the courthouse with just their pastor and immediate family, which I think is so sweet!  Last week, the newlyweds threw a party to celebrate the union.  I loved traveling up to Oklahoma for the festivities and catching up with one of my favorite gals.  The green Anthropologie dress I am wearing here is deceptively comfy and probably my all-time favorite summer dress.

The past 2 weeks, we have been babysitting my parents Great Dane, Graycie, while they traveled through Africa and Turkey.  She is such a hilarious dog with a thousand quirks.  One particular quirk is that she has absolutely NO idea how huge she is, and tries to squeeze in to the smallest places.  I was cracking up to see her posing in my living room wing chair last week, amongst a Mimosa Lane chevron throw pillow and a David Hicks La Florentina lumbar. 

What is life without movie quotes?  To me- nothing.  That's why I love my Buy Me Brunch tank, which commemorates one of the best scenes from Anchorman.

Ohhh Ben Stiller.  How I love thee.

Enjoy your day my dears!
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