Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sam Loves

I miss the days when "back-to-school" shopping was a thing for me.  I'm not sure which I loved more- the school supplies shopping or the school outfit shopping (any American gals remember Limited Too?!).  Nowadays, I have to be much more practical with shopping and try to take advantage of a good deal when I see one.  Thankfully, there are many end of summer markdowns happening, and I have my eye on a few pieces- especially for Christmas in Australia, when it'll be the middle of summer!

Shop This Board:

1.) Lime Strappy Back Bikini $68/2.) Black Metal Drop Earrings $14/3.) Working Class Karl Muscle Tee $32/4.) Vix Menfis Printed Coverup $195/5.) "Seeing Double Napkin Set $36/Plastered Cocktail Napkin Set $36/6.) Acrylic Striped Ice Bucket $50/7.) Blue V Neck Drop Waist Dress $76/8.) Leopard Strappy Heels $230

How hilarious is that Karl Langford muscle tank?  I saw it while walking through Nordstrom the other day, and really wanted to snag it.  What do you have your eye on lately?  And is anyone else concerned that the Top Shop for Nordstrom new arrivals look like the 90s threw up all over them? 

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