Friday, August 8, 2014

Women Smoking

Last night,  I started watching Boardwalk Empire.  A few episodes in, and I'm officially hooked.   It's fun to imagine what America must've been like in the early twentieth century, especially when Prohibition went in to effect.  The country was in the midst of the Roaring 20s, and there was a palpable energy and optimism that you just don't see today.  One thing that struck me about the show is how prevalent smoking was.  Of course at the time, society had no idea what damage cigarettes could do to your health.  It was just en vogue to smoke, and everyone had a chic cigarette case.  I've always admired the way actresses of Old Hollywood can take a drag on a cigarette and make it look like the most alluring thing ever.   I know smoking is bad, and I'm in no way condoning it, but let's give it up for the women who can make it look so effortlessly sexy:

{Frida Kahlo}

{The royal chic-ness herself, Coco Chanel}

{Marilyn Monroe}

And one thing I've noticed is that most of my favorite movies have a female lead who, at some point during the movie, takes a glamorous drag on a cigarette.

{Natalie Portman in Closer}

{Uma Thurman in my favorite scene at the diner, in Pulp Fiction}

{Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona}

{Penelope Cruz in my favorite scene in Blow}

At the end of the day, I know I'll never look this good smoking a cig, so I'll leave it to the celebs, models, and movie stars.

Any big plans for the weekend? 
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