Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday's Worthy Links

-This article on Vogue discusses the role emojis play in our text-laden lives.  More specifically, what effect is our love affair with emojinal communication having on our actual emotions?  (insert see-no-evil monkey emoticon here)

-I am so proud of my girl Jessie Miller (aka, THE Design Daredevil) for being named one of Rue Magazine's "Top 7 Designers to Watch in 2015".  Her apartment is Dreamy with a capital D, and her bedroom had me swooning.  Pictured above is her dining room, featuring a 1980s Mastercraft table paired with Louis XVI-esque chairs.

-If you know me, than you know how obsessed I am with Anthropologie.  I love their clothes, their dishware, and the overall aesthetic of the store.  I also love that they hire art directors and place a lot of importance on creating warm, inviting environments for shoppers.  We even registered there for our wedding!  However, I couldn't help but crack up over this Tumblr post- "Let's Make Fun of: Anthropologie Furniture."  Some of it is downright ridiculous.

-THIS instagram quote is everything.  #NYFW goers, take note.

-I was so saddened to hear of Joan Rivers' passing yesterday.  I really admired her for her strength of spirit.  Her fearlessness, whether it be bringing down the house as a stand-up comedian in a time when the industry was very male-dominant, or continuing to pursue her passion even when no one was calling, is inspiring.  She experienced many tragedies in her life, but she somehow had a knack for turning them around in to comedy.  Rest in peace, Joan. 

Happy weekend!




  1. pretty room ;-))

    new post

  2. Those black-on-black chairs though! amaze!

    x Lily

  3. I'm so excited for Jesse and her feature!! It was so amazing....her apartment is just amazing.


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