Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bedtime Chic

Now that I'm single (I'll elaborate more on that in the near future), I have come to love my nighttime ritual of a bubble bath, primping for bed, and then reading a bit before putting an end to the day.  It's so nice to finally be working through that long reading list I have been keeping.  Right now I am about halfway through Gone Girl and Tiny, Beautiful Things.  Both books are must-reads. My mom has always been very conscious of skincare, and I've seen a dermatologist and facialist enough to know how important it is to moisturize before bed.  I swear by Deep Sleep Bath Oil by It Works followed by SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Dry moisturizer.   It also helps to sleep on a silk pillowcase, and the Branche silk charmeuse helps to reduce fine lines.  I'm also lusting after this silk pajama set from Anthropologie-

Shop This Board:

1.) Love Stories Framboise Sleep Shirt $55/2.) Love Stories Framboise Sleep Shorts $35/3.) Baies Noire Diptyque Candle $90/4.) Aromatherapy Polishing Body Brush $14/5.) Deep Sleep Bath Oil $148/6.) Elle Macpherson Wind Chime Lace Briefs $30/7.) Silk Pillowcase by Branche $95/8.) Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum $60/

Any favorite nighttime products?  Share in the comments!


  1. fine pics ;-)


    new post

  2. Love the pictures!!! Makes me want to be more glamorous in my day to day life!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your newly-single status, but I hope that you find peace during this holiday season. xo

  3. nice images...a relaxing bath and a book, sounds like the perfect night. Sam, do tell more on your "single" life.

  4. So sorry to latch onto this, but thinking of your new "status" and sending warm wishes! This looks like an epic nighttime routine -- spoil yourself, sister!

    x Lily

  5. Funny I was just telling my cousin I need to buy satin pillowcases as I think the cotton ones are starting to break my hair. The only ritual I swear buy is I spray perfume on me before bed. Weird I know but I like to fall asleep to a nice scent.


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