Monday, December 8, 2014

Designer Crush: Ryan Korban

I guess I've been living under a rock, because it wasn't until last week that I was introduced to Ryan Korban's work.  At only 30, Ryan has designed spaces for the likes of Alexander Wang and James Franco. Ryan's approach to interior design infuses a timeless sensibility with a sense of lost romance, fantasy, and a strong fashion influence.  He toys with the idea that our living spaces can be exact and polished- while still being comfortable and livable.

{Ryan in his chic NY apartment}

Ryan originally moved to New York to study theater.  However, he quickly realized it wasn't the acting he was interested in- it was the sets!  So, with little formal t raining, Korban jumped in to the design world by first launching and designing a Tribeca accessories store, Edon Manor:

Ryan always seems to include a taxidermy piece somewhere in his spaces, and even has a taxidermy zebra in his NY apartment:

Luxury and sumptuousness ooze from his interiors.  From lacquered surfaces to faux fur (let's hope it's faux!) to brass finishes, I love that he doesn't shy away from luxury and manages to make it livable.  I plan to scoop up his new coffee table book to add to my collection.

Read more about Ryan-


  1. so cute pics ;]]


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  2. I'm a huge fan...I have some of these pinned already! :-)


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