Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take Me Away: Be Tulum Hotel

One of my favorite websites to browse when I have an itch to travel is Smith Hotels.  The website features the most luxurious and interesting hotels across the world.  You can search the site using a variety of options- budget boutique hotels, beach in reach, child-friendly, gourmet hotel breaks, and so on.  Sometimes just browsing the "inspiration" tab helps to satiate my wanderlust.  One spot I've been dreaming of visiting for awhile now is Tulum, Mexico.  Located about one hour south of Playa del Carmen, Tulum is a secluded jewel that was one of the last cities to be built and inhabited by the Mayas.  The Mayan ruins are one of the main attractions that bring travelers here, but I'd guess the seclusion and beauty are pretty attractive, too!

Be Tulum resort caught my eye on Smith Hotels because it was listed under the heading "haute hippie."  Featuring breezy rooms, a dreamy beachfront infinity pool, a spa, and a yoga studio, all your vacation "wants" are checked off here:

Chiringuito, the hotel’s beach-side lounge, serves up cocktails and light fare, like ceviche, from noon til 9. 

The lobby's beachy modern vibe looks inviting and comfortable:

The rooms look like the perfect hideaway from a day spent in the sun.  Can you imagine taking a bath in this tub while watching the sunset?!

These poolside loungers are calling my name:

End the day with a couple of mojitos at the Maresias Restaurant on site:

Where are you dying to escape?

And here's a few things I'd pack....


  1. I can be packed and ready to go in 10 minutes. Looks deeeelightful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looks amazing!! I'm dying to escape cold New York for a warm beach vacay!

  3. This looks like a great getaway - love the bedroom with all of the windows…amazing!


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