Monday, February 16, 2015


Growing up, I always wished I had had a twin brother or sister.  I thought it'd be so fun to share a room (was I crazy?) and have someone there to talk to when falling asleep- kind of how the girls on Full House did.  Looking back, I think having one older brother was perfect and I doubt I would've actually enjoyed sharing a room!  However, I always love seeing designers create a children's room with two twin beds.  I also like the idea of a guest room having two twin (or full) beds rather than just one queen or king.  It makes sense when hosting guests that aren't married or comfortable sleeping in the same bed!

I love that Nick Haslam added a striped canopy above these beds for an extra special touch:

These headboards feature one of my favorite textiles of all time- Quadrille's Kazak:

This bedroom is the perfect room for a set of adventurous little boys: 

Munger Interiors always designs the cutest rooms with twin beds, like this bright, happy space:

Now I just want to get back in bed.  Here's to hoping today goes by quickly and easily!!




  1. I love twin beds in rooms as well! I feel like it adds a little more character to the room than just one bed.. loving all of those designs above!

  2. These rooms realty prove that twin beds can be beautiful in a well designed room!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I super love the these twin bed rooms. I really like how the design save the space since the room will be shared by a two people. Indeed, proper selection of home furniture plays a big role to succeed in bed room makeover. Thank you very much.

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