Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Designer Crush: Joy Tribout

Happy Wednesday!  I'm so glad we are already halfway through the week my sweets!  April is seemingly flying by, and I'm excited that a few friends will be coming to town in the next few weeks.  Today I was needing a little visual inspiration, so I  thought I'd share the work of St. Louis interior designer Joy Tribout.   Joy designs her spaces with warmth, style, and color that comes together to create a luxurious environment:

From sultry and romantic to bold and playful, Joy beautifully transform's a room's mood with the furnishings and textiles.  I don't normally love red, but I do love the various red touches and patterns shown here.  And who could complain about that view?!

I love that Joy created a skirted vanity that can double as a bedside table here:

And of course, what would a beach house be without direct access to your personal yacht?

Now I'm daydreaming of lying by the ocean somewhere warm.
Lindsay and I are going to Tulum this summer, and I can hardly wait to get away.


  1. so pretty ;-)


    i invite to me too

  2. Amazing place! Perfect for honeymoon holidays.

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