Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kitchen Light

One of my favorite things to discuss is kitchens.  There are so many individual decisions that are made when designing a kitchen (what style of cabinetry, what paint color, what cabinet finish, what style of hardware, etc) that each one often feels very unique.  While all-white kitchens were desirable for the last 5 years (and to be honest I still love them), we are starting to see designers and homeowners infuse more color and pattern these days.  For instance, how lovely is the hexagon tile pattern in this butler's pantry?

The soft gray tones give a little variation to the space while still maintaining the overall neutral, calming feel.  Another element we are seeing become more popular in kitchen design is the use of only lower cabinets.  Most kitchens still have upper cabinetry along one or two walls for storage, but I love the variation when paired with a wall of just lower cabinetry- especially when natural light is allowed in through windows above.

Steel-framed windows always look so crisp and clean against a white kitchen.  I'm a sucker for them. 

And I love these steel framed doors with a black paint trim.  They add dimension to the white galley-style kitchen:

 And how neat is this steel-framed window above a chic kitchen work table?  The handles make it easy to open and allow light in on pretty days:

I love that this kitchen incorporated natural light in several places, and built the cabinetry around that.  I also love the work top in the right side of the picture, built with a nook for a stool.

And how gorgeous are these beadboard cabinet fronts, that tie in to the door shown in the attached butler's pantry?

What kitchen trends are you loving these days?


  1. They all look so chic! Love all the varieties....inspiration for my new soon-to-be home yaaay!

  2. I also like the idea of neutral backdrop in a kitchen and inject some colours here and there through textiles or art!

  3. Perfectly awesome kitchen! Many kitchens have a good design but they lack in beauty which a kitchen must have due to the less lighting present there in. A kitchen must have artificial electrical lighting along with natural lighting presence which adds beauty and enhance the true colors; like in the above pictures.


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