Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Chic Conference Room

Having worked in the energy realm for a few years, I know from first-hand experience that most corporate conference rooms lack any sort of visual inspiration.  I find this ironic because most modern day meeting rooms are supposed to be the birth place of innovation and creative problem-solving- so why not make a space that encourages such thinking?  Thankfully, not every company has failed to do so.  Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite innovative conference rooms.  Maybe they'll inspire you or your company to rethink your visual surroundings!

But who can resist a bit of color in a conference room?  Erin Williamson, of Design Crisis, created a bold, happy space in this Palo Alto office through the Meredith Pardue artwork and classic Knoll chairs upholstered in bright purple.

Leave it to an interior design office to know how to create an inspiring collaboration space.  Meredith Heron's office features a fabulously over-sized lantern and custom cabinetry for fabric samples.

I also love the look of a conference table with mismatched chairs.  As long as other elements in the room are cohesive and pull everything together, the space can feel fun and whimsical.

A lacquered lime green floor was a bold move, especially when paired with black and white striped walls.  However, I love the touch of chrome in the office chairs, and think the space would be fun to congregate within.

Gensler's Newport Beach office went with a sleek, paired down palette for their front conference room.  This is a perfect example of minimalism at it's best-  the suspending LED light mirrors the shape of the table, creating a sense of balance.

Nuon's office in Amsterdam was completely redesigned and divided in to "neighborhoods,"  focused on flexibility and diverse working last year. The conference room is another lesson in minimalism:

 I hope you feel a bit more inspired from these offices to get your day started!  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. so cute pics ;-)

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  2. This place has the most perfect environment, great food, tasty wings, lots of good beer, but best of all - probably the best wait staff in all of country. Visited the Seattle venues last month again, had another great time.


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