Thursday, July 2, 2015

Floor Appeal

One of the greatest parts about designing a wet area is the plethora of surface options available to the trade these days.  Mixing and matching to create the perfect bathroom or kitchen palette has become an art in and of itself.  While we have become accustomed to seeing bold wallcoverings, art, or punchy fabrics in a space, it isn't often that we let the floor do the talking.  However, a graphic, stand-out floor can be the perfect way to individualize a space and give it that "wow" factor.  Keeping the other elements pared down in terms of pattern or color seems to work best, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.  The navy blue wall color in this bath sleekly ties in with the basket weave black tile floor:

This cement floor pattern feels distinctly Austin or Palm Springs to me.  The triangles give it a Southwest influence, and I love that it was paired with brass fixtures and fittings.  I'm not sure if the tile came from this website, but it has several unique graphic tile offerings.

I dig the simplicity of this bathroom.  The charcoal ceiling color ties in with the color of the sink cabinetry.  I love the lantern sconces and the natural tile floor.

I'll always be a sucker for a hexagon pattern.  This might be one of the chic-est shower combos I've ever seen.  The mix of white subway tile on the wall, the carrara marble bench and division, and the New Ravenna hexagon tile floor leaves me swooning. 

Another innovative idea is laying tile as if it were an area rug, like it was done here in this bathroom.  I'd say it's pretty gutsy to put an antique sofa in a bathroom, but maybe it's been upholstered in a water resistant fabric.

 And last but certainly not least, a large scale geometric pattern that feels almost Greek key.  I love the maze-like, imperfection of it.  Stunning!

Would you be brave enough to let your floors do the talking?  What pattern is your favorite?


  1. nice pics; -))

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  2. Sam, this was a really daring topic, which I loved. I also do think that floors can make the most out of a space and they are self-sufficient to give personality. But indeed, to play with decorating the floor is the most uncommon choice, but I think this is a “resource” only recently discovered. Let me share with you our way of taking advantage of the floors by using rugs:
    You can play with the shape, color, size and get your unique result that can go hand in hand with the floor. In the end, you have to be bold enough to let the floor do the talking, this is not something for an easy going spirit. :)


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