Thursday, September 17, 2015

The View Through My Lens: 27

Now that I've been in NYC for almost two months, I figured it was time to share some pictures of my time here.  If you follow me on instagram (@peakoftreschic), then you know my life lately could be summed up as:  walking, eating, drinking, and not sleeping.  Ever.   This really is the city that never sleeps and I do love the energy.

{One of my great Houston friends, Julie, came in town last weekend and we went to my 1st Yankees game.  Of course I had to rock the NY hat!}

 {yellow roses from Amanda after a long week of installations brightened up my bedroom}

{Speaking of my bedroom, I'm making progress.  My coffee table books and Slim Aarons photographs made it up to NYC.  I will do an update post soon!}

{Brunch at my favorite Upper East Side spot- Penrose.  The avocado toast + bloody mary was incredible}

{Lauren, Gaby, and I visited the Hamptons Designer Showhouse a few weeks ago, and the pool + cabana were unreal}

{I love that many bloggers are in town for fashion week.  I had a dinner date with Mackenzie, Ali, and Lauren at Palma in SoHo}

 {The restaurant was open above on the patio, and lights strung across the railings above made everything so beautiful and intimate}

{Speaking of fashion week, Target + Vogue threw an epic party, complete with a carousel and "real life" unicorns}

{My roommate Kate and I took the ferry over to Ikea in Brooklyn to get a few shelves for our apartment.  While in Red Hook, we ended the day at Brooklyn Crab, toasting to the simple fact that we survived Ikea}

{Speaking of drinks, hands down the best cocktail I've had in the city was at Grand Banks- vodka, Aperol, lemon, and cucumber}

As you can see, I've been very focused on indulging myself.  I'm trying to balance between letting myself try new places while exploring and meeting new people, and not over extending myself.  I'm hoping to start getting more sleep and exercise in the near future as I get in to a routine, but who knows how realistic that is.  

I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

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