Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday's Worthy Links

TGIF!  The weekend is here, and I'm back in Texas, and all is right with the world. As I mentioned yesterday,  I'm heading to Austin this morning for ACL, but not without first stopping for oysters at Perla.  After dealing with a few weeks of NYC in the 50s and 60s,  I'm more than ready to be sweating in the 90s.  I might even try to make it to Barton Springs Pool before the weekend is up?  Before signing off, I wanted to share a few noteworthy links and articles I found interesting, and thought you might, too.

- A heart-wrenching story with a raw reminder that any of us can craft the perfect lives on social media.  

-One of my favorite authors and speakers, Elizabeth Gilbert, wrote a wonderful status update about the power we hold when we envision more for our lives.  If you're going through something (and aren't we all?), I suggest you read it!

-I've said it before, and I'll say it again- The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is changing the entire way I look at my home and my possessions.  Even though my friends and I have often joked that I'm a neat freak to the nth degree, and my mom recalls stories of me organizing my shoes as a toddler, I've realized through reading this book how much I choose to hold on to out of guilt or emotional attachment.  Author Marie Kondo is a consultant in Tokyo who helps her clients declutter their homes through a unique and tried-and-true approach she refers to as the KonMari method.  One memorable quote from her book:  "It is not our memories but the person we have become because of these past experiences that we should treasure.  This is the lesson these keepsakes teach us when we sort them.  The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past."  The bottom line- if an item doesn't spark joy when you see it in your closet or hold it in your hand, get rid of it.

-I'm excited it's One Room Challenge time, although a little sad I'm too busy this year to join in on the fun.  I can't wait to follow along as Gaby, Lindsay, and Cassandra transform their spaces. 

-Here's a little something for all the overachievers out there.  I cracked up when I saw this.

-I wish I had spotted this Paloma Blue playsuit in time to order it for this weekend's festival. I'm obsessed!  Here are a few other things I'd love to be taking along for ACL weekend:

{image above via For the Love of Bubbly}


What say you? I'm all ears.

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