Friday, November 13, 2015

Raising the Bar

There aren't many things in life I find as satisfying as a stiff dirty martini after work on a Friday.  With martinis on my mind, I wanted to celebrate the art of drinking and barware.  The original liquor cabinet was called a cellaret, and was a small, movable wine cooler that came in to fashion in the 1700s.  They served as an important fixture in the stylish parlors and dining rooms of the Victorian elite, and made their way to the American colonies.  When the flow of alcohol was curbed in the 1920s, the need for secure storage proved all the more important.  Bar cellarets and cabinets kept alcohol out of sight, but never out of mind.  Alcohol consumption did not reach pre-Prohibition levels again until the 1960s, when alcohol was seemingly prevalent everywhere, even in the office for entertaining clients- a la Mad Men.

Whether you prefer to keep your barware and liquor under raps with a bar cabinet or on display with a bar cart, the stylish options are endless.  Here's how I styled mine:

Shop This Board:

1.) Carry on "Moscow Mule" Cocktail Kit $24/2.) Pop Rocks Glasses $14/3.) "Please Don't Tell" Cocktail Book $654.) Downing Bar Cabinet $999/5.) Rablab Agate Coasters $68/
6.) Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook $10.27/7.) Gibson Bar Cart $470/8.) Ketel One Vodka $35/

TGIF!  Is it 5 o'clock yet?

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