Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays because I have so many happy memories associated with the night.  The last few years I've celebrated it more low key, but before that I did NYE in Times Square, NYE in Las Vegas, NYE in Miami, and NYE in Aruba (that was 2007, when I made the wild decision to be a vegetarian).   I love the build up and focus on a new, untouched year.  At the same time, sometimes with so much energy and focus going in to one night, it can be a let down.  I think it's best to approach NYE like you would approach a first date- ready to have fun but not necessarily needing or depending on a perfect situation to have fun.  I'm heading to Austin to celebrate with my best friend Katy, and we plan to join a few friends at a party at the W.  I even went so far as to order a few Rent the Runway outfit options for the evening- a black Rachel Zoe jumpsuit and a Parker red and black knit dress, depending on my mood.   Of course I love any excuse to dress up, but New Years always puts me in the mood to wear gold or black. 

Shop The Post:

Outfit 1: Elara Earrings $34/Rachel Zoe Emilie Jumpsuit $75 Rental/Mini Faux Leather Clutch $48/Silver Stuard Weitzman "Nudist" Sandal $398/

Outfit 2: Parker Intasia Sheath Dress $40 Rental/Long Leather Tassel Necklace $40/Mayanna Gold Clutch $54.95/Topshop Ravish Laser-Cut Sandals $90

Any fun plans for New Years Eve?  Who's ready to leave 2015 in the past, like me?! ;)


  1. so nice pics; >>

    i invite to me too

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  3. Love your nye outfit picks! Wishing you all the best in 2016!!

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