Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bachelor Decor

In the past year I've helped a few guy friends with their apartments, and in the process I've realized how few decor sites cater towards a more masculine aesthetic.  Sure there's West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and CB2 (all stores that I truly love), but what about for more unique items- like vintage artwork, creative accessories or kilim rugs?  One site I came across recently and love is TRNK.  Started in Brooklyn by two male roommates turned friends, the website features furnishings, lighting, barware, and decorative accessories with men in mind.  They saw a gap in the marketplace and wanted to make the experience of shopping for home goods fun for guys, rather than tedious and stressful.  Before I share a few of my favorite products from TRNK, let's delve a little in to the masculine aesthetic.

Bachelors- whatever your goals are with women or in life, there are few things more impressive than a guy who has put a little TLC in to his home or apartment.  This doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend lots of money on your home either- just give it a little thought and a few nice touches.  Some easy ones are adding a rug underneath your bed if you have hardwood floors (no one wants to step out of bed in the morning on to cold wood), adding a few cozy throws, and incorporating 1 or 2 statement art pieces or photographs

Neon signs are pretty cool, too- just as long as they aren't advertising your favorite American beer.

I love this woven headboard- it gives the space a bit of dimension and adds some character.  And don't get me started on the lucite leather bench:

I put together a board of a few of my favorite furniture and accessory items from TRNK. Their sofas are amazing too, but the men I know won't drop $4,500 on a sofa- so I threw in a good option from West Elm instead.  Why didn't anyone tell me West Elm is killing the sofa game lately?  I love this, this, and this.

Shop This Board:

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