Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Best Winter Buys

Re-callibrating my entire wardrobe from Houston weather to New York City winter weather has been quite a process.  I only came to NY with two pairs of pants, a few sweaters, and a leather jacket.  I didn't know how to translate my mostly warm-weather clothes to a city requiring a heavy jacket 7 months out of the year, so I turned to my local friends for advice and help and where to find the the best winter items to manage the bitter cold winds.   First up- buying a puffy jacket.  Of course my first thought was purchasing a jacket that was stylish and cute.   Soon, my friends interjected and swore to me I'd be desperate for a little warmth if I didn't also consider the jacket's construction.  After polling most everyone I knew in NY, I was led to North Face's Metropolis jacket.  It hits below the knee and insulates all the warmth so your body stays relatively warm amongst the freezing temperatures.  This jacket is the jam and keeps me warm even when the temps are in the teens.  I've worn it every day this fall/winter so I joke about wanting to burn it come May, but I do love it and the fit is nice:

While this New York winter has been mild compared to past years, at the end of January we did get hit by Storm Jonah.  The storm dumped 25" of snow in the city, and I was amazed by how fast the city had trucks out clearing the roads back to normal.  I managed to make it out among the flurries for a coffee and to sled in Central Park wearing my favorite North Face jacket, my J Crew snow boots, and a Burberry cashmere scarf. 

The image was shot right off of 2nd Ave and 77th, where my apartment building is- everyone that was out and walking around was so friendly with one another. It was crazy to see how everyone just slowed down and got along and enjoyed chatting with others out and about- definitely not the usual vibe during a Monday morning rush hour.  My other favorite buy for winter in New York were my SStuart Wietzman over-the-knee suede boots.  While a little pricey, I can say that I have worn these boots nearly every day.  I pair them with tights and a skirt, and then throw on a thick sweater.

{sorry for the awful, dark, iPhone quality pic}

If I want to wear a heel, I go with Kenzo's leather pumps with a wedge (similar here).  They make subway hikes a little easier and I never end up with sore feet after a night out:

Other must haves are tech gloves (to type iPhone messages while walking in the cold), a warm hat to cover your ears, a moisturizing lotion for the dry winter wind, and a classic pair of sunnies:

Shop this Board:

Calynda Beanie $30 (on sale!)/J Crew Jack Sunglasses $98/Club Monaco Lydal Sweater $398/Northface Metropolis Parka $289/Cotton Jackie Cardigan Sweater $44.99/Burberry Cashmere Scarf $475/Tech-Friendly Gloves $36.50/5050 Boot $655/Prada Handbag $2,100/diptyque hand lotion $38

Did I miss anything?  What're your favorite winter weather purchases?

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